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Secure Diagnostics Private Limited is a leading integrated ‘Food safety Testing Solution & Veterinary Disease Diagnostics Solution and service provider’ in India. Headquartered in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Secure Diagnostics Private Limited has storage / stock facilities in Bhopal and offers a country-wide sales and service network with full product support including training and technical assistance. As a supplier of Food Safety & Veterinary Disease Diagnostic Testing Kits and Laboratory Equipment we are offering a comprehensive range of Elisa, PCR & Rapid Lateral Flow based Test Kits and Instruments like Elisa Micro-Plate Reader, PCR etc, which enables “Food manufacturers, processors and Commercial Food Testing Laboratories to find out whether food is safe or not, as we cover the range for Mycotoxin, Allergens, Vitamins, Antibiotics, Pathogens, Pesticides and GMO” as well as “Veterinary Institutes, Hospitals and Clinics to find out whether the Farm Animal or Companion Animal is infected with any disease or not, as we cover the range for Bovine, Ovine, Porcine, Avian, Canine, Feline & Equine”. More than a Testing Kits & Laboratory equipment supplier, Secure Diagnostics Private Limited represents brands that distinguish themselves by thoroughly assisting customers in matching Kits and equipment to particular application needs.

We are marketing in food safety test kits and reagents for food contaminations. Our several innovative products and solutions for Food and Feed Processors bring good chance for them in food safety inspection field. Our Products are based on the Universal validated & accepted Principles and are found satisfactory for our each and every end user. In a small distance of our journey, we are feeling proud to be a good companion of the Quality Conscious Food & Feed Processors and Exporters throughout the country.

We excel at helping to identify safety concerns in the vast and changing landscape of food safety. Our sales team can help you in broad scale of concern with a “one-stop shop” approach that is a big advantage in a business climate trending toward single-source suppliers for any kind of customer. We recognized reliable and Quality products with the most competitive prices and always committed to better service as our motto is service nothing else. We welcome you to be a part of our growing network which is increasing Day by Day and hope to convince you of the quality of our products and support.